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Welcome to Jantke Art Studio

The official art gallery and online retail  outlet for the art, products and services of
Peter and Loletta Jantke, Queensland Australia.

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Hi. My name is Peter Jantke's and I am an artist living in Queensland Australia. This website displays my paintings, illustrations and commercial art. The site sells original artworks as well as manufactured products including limited edition prints and our well known range of JAS Stickers. All products are manufactured by our family business at our studio using the latest in digital printing technology.

Art Gallery. This link goes to my traditional art gallery displaying examples of my oil paintings, oil pastels, graphite pencil illustrations and airbrush art. The subject matter varies widely but I particularly enjoy painting fantasy art, animals and life drawing. As I am a working artist, this gallery is constantly changing so come back regularly.

Cartooning and Commercial Art Gallery. This gallery contains examples of my commercial art in its various applications including: Cartooning for mining industry workshop, equipment and safety manuals. Computer generated imagery (CGI) for architects and marine engineers. Graphic Design services for business identity and promotion. Technical Illustration. General imaging and cartooning for our business applications and general clients.

JAS Stickers. This giant sticker range includes images for all tastes and comes in many different size and style options. They are a waterproof, UV resistant vinyl decal made for indoor or outdoor use. Jas Stickers has been an Australian made and manufactured icon selling throughout Australia and the world for over twelve years. These stickers are designed for almost any indoor or outdoor application including cars and auto, trucks, motorcycles, boats and marine or aircraft. General applications from windows and glass, walls, bathroom tiles....in fact virtually any clean smooth surface deserving a decorative improvement.

Art Prints. High quality art canvas reproductions of Peter Jantke's paintings and illustrations. Available in many different size options and as a rolled canvas packed in a tube for economical freighting or stretched and finished ready to hang, these beautiful vibrant reproductions.
The collection includes a range of subjects from Australia's Ned Kelly to native animals and birds, frangipanis and flowers, aircraft, ships and fantasy art. Printed onto Frederix's Archival Artists Canvas with long lasting, waterproof, fade resistant solvent inks, these vibrant high resolution reproductions are of the highest quality available today.

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JAS Stickers


Durable Vinyl Bumper Stickers

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Limited Edition Canvas Art Prints By Peter Jantke

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Highest quality canvas art prints personally signed by the artist.

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Returned & Services League
of Australia

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Our exclusive range of stickers
available only to the RSL.
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Thank you for visiting our site.
Please remember to drop in regularly as we are continually updating our product range.
For any further information please contact us


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